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Construction and Safety

Helping you maintain a safe work environment.

All employers want to maintain a safe, conducive work environment where their employees can do their jobs properly. However, not all employers may have proper knowledge about the necessary construction safety rules and regulations. This is where Africsafe Consulting can help.

Our consultants have years of experience handling construction and safety concerns for clients in different industries. With their knowledge, they can offer customized construction and safety services, such as:

Builder people. Manufacturing, contractor.

  • Construction Site Safety Management Services. Our construction site safety management services include site safety orientation, JSA programs, construction safety observation reports, construction safety training, contractor requirements, construction site safety management meetings, and more.
  • Construction Site Safety – Orientation. Prior to working on your construction project, our consultants can provide a Job Site Safety Orientation to your contractors, sub-contractors, managers, and everyone else involved in the project. Topics can include site-specific safety rules, safety observation, pre-employment drug screening, and other topics that you want to provide to your employees.
  • Construction Site Safety – Job Safety Analysis (JSA). While most workers are skilled at handling construction equipment and tools to complete their tasks, they often don’t have a plan for job site safety. This is where the JSA can help. Essentially, the JSA is a form that a worker or a group of workers must complete before performing their tasks. The JSA forms allow the workers to look at their tasks step-by-step, identify potential hazards, and plan corrective actions to either eliminate or protect themselves from the potential hazards that they’ve identified.
  • Construction Site Safety Management Meetings. Essentially, the function of Construction Site Safety Management Meetings is to give employers and employees an opportunity to discuss any safety concerns and issues. During these meetings, employees can communicate their concerns and work together with the management to develop corrective actions. It also provides employers with the opportunity to update their employees about the status of the current project. These meetings are important to guarantee that all safety issues and concerns are properly communicated and that necessary action plans are developed to address them.

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