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Construction Safety Management

We help employers ensure safety in their respective construction sites through our comprehensive construction safety management solutions.
engineers meeting

Some of the services Africsafe Consulting offers under our construction safety management program include:

  • Construction Safety Employee Drug Testing
  • Construction Safety Observation Reports
  • Construction Safety Training
  • Construction Site Safety Management Meetings
  • Contractor Requirements
  • JSA Programs
  • Site Safety Orientation

In terms of Construction Site Safety Management Meetings, the two most common meetings that we assist employers with are:

  • Construction Safety Management Project/Hands Meetings
    Through these meetings, both the management and the workers have the opportunity to discuss safety issues present in the workplace and talk about the appropriate corrective actions. The management can also evaluate the current safety programs and procedures in place as well as listen to recommendations coming from the employees on how to improve them.
  • Safety Committee Meetings
    A safety committee is necessary to ensure that the workers are involved in the implementation of safety programs within the site. Typically, a management representative and representatives from each hired contractor make up the team. This committee is responsible for ensuring clear communication between the management and the workers. Additionally, they can conduct job audits, identify safety hazards, promote safety procedures and recommend applicable corrective actions.
  • Construction Safety – Case Management
    Africsafe Consulting will also help employers in managing incidents of work-related injuries. This way, the possibility of OSHA Recordable and Lost Work Day cases can be reduced. We collaborate with physicians in providing non-emergency treatment to those injured workers and careful monitoring of their treatments. Additionally, we will also ensure that injured employees are tested for alcohol and illegal drugs as soon as possible.

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