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Fire Watch Safety Services

Our Fire Watch Safety services assist employers in preventing fires and other hazards that can affect their businesses and their employees.
man holding a construction cap

At Africsafe Consulting, our topmost goal is to ensure and maintain a safe and healthy workplace environment. We are dedicated to providing the safest operation in the different aspects of your business.

To achieve this goal, we provide our clients with Fire Watch and Fire Safety & Prevention Services. We have experienced and competent safety professionals who are well-informed in a lot of industries within the nation. Our reputation for the services we provide is impeccable.

Our team also offers our clients and their staff with fire safety training as well as fire risk assessments at a high level of standard. These training sessions and assessments are required by the government. They are also conducted to meet applicable Local and National Fire Safety Codes.

The members of our Fire Watch team have been trained in the different aspects of the following:

  • Fire prevention & safety
  • Fire safety training
  • Hot work preparation
  • Proper fire inspections
  • Use of firefighting equipment

Flammable materials and other hazards need to be removed from the worksite prior to rendering our services. Pre-job inspections will be performed by our experienced, trained and qualified Fire Watch personnel to ensure the removal of such materials. We make sure that everything has been completely removed, conducting several inspections just to make sure.

Ultimately, we help employers prevent fires from happening through our services. If you have questions on how we can help you prevent fires at your workplace, kindly give us a call at 202-702-6407.