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OSHA Safety Management

We aim to help our clients follow OSHA rules and regulations to ensure employee protection and protect clients' interest.
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Africsafe Consulting firmly believes in promoting safety and good health in any workplace, most especially if the work site presents various safety and health hazards. We provide OSHA Safety Management services to help make sure that a workplace is safe and healthy for the employees.

Our team includes safety consultants who have undergone safety training and acquired actual field experiences which are pivotal in rendering our services to our clients. Most importantly, they are well-versed and consistently follow all the regulations set forth in OSHA-compliant health and safety programs.

OSHA Process Safety Management – Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Process

OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standards list down certain chemicals considered hazardous. These chemicals are stored by companies involved in their use. Their employees are also exposed to these chemicals. Africsafe Consulting provides process safety management to these employers, helping them deal with the different aspects involved in this situation.

Companies falling under the OSHA PSM standard must follow certain OSHA requirements which include:

  • Employee Participation in process safety programs
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for employee protection
  • Site Analysis of existing hazards

Our team is committed to providing our clients with all of the applicable Occupational Health and Safety Risk Management Process requirements established by OSHA. Furthermore, we strive hard to go above and beyond the set OSHA PSM standards to protect clients’ interest as well as the interest of their employees.

Give us a call at 202-702-6407 to take advantage of these services. You may also get in touch with us online for further inquiries.