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Process Safety Management

We assist our clients in ensuring the safety and health of their employees, especially in industries where hazardous chemicals are involved.
safety engineers planning their construction site

Process safety is essential in ensuring the health and safety of all the employees. The modern industry is ever-changing. Technological upgrades, design changes, construction and maintenance, among others are continuously occurring. Process safety is also critical in preventing a catastrophic release of hazardous chemicals through the use of a systematic approach. For this matter, it is important to assess the different hazards associated with process safety management.

With this in mind, Africsafe Consulting provides OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM), Risk Management Process and Process Safety Training which will help ensure the safety and health of all employees in various industries in the country.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) established the Process Safety Management (PSM) as a standard focused on preventing the release of unwanted dangerous chemicals to areas where employees could be exposed to them. Our team uses this standard in our daily fieldwork activities.

The experienced safety consultants from Africsafe Consulting have the technical knowledge which can assist our clients in their operations in compliance with the OSHA PSM standard. Storing and using highly dangerous chemicals properly and safely can be attained through such technical knowledge.

Process Safety Management Training

The PSM standard requires training sessions to be conducted in relation to employee process safety management. Employees falling under the PSM standard should receive health and safety training on the process they are assigned to, whether such process is new or old. Employees will also have to go through refresher process safety training as often as necessary or when there are changes to the process.

Our team will provide our clients and their employees with the necessary employee process safety management training as well as documentation as required by OSHA PSM.

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