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Safety Training

Flexible and comprehensive solutions for all of your safety training needs.
Safety trainor and a lady trainee

Workplace safety training is vital. It provides employees with the knowledge and skills to prevent illness and injuries in the workplace. In fact, under federal law, employees are entitled to a safe workplace. It is the responsibility of the employers to provide a workplace free from known safety and health hazards. Employees need to know and recognize workplace hazards that they may be exposed to and how to minimize their risk of injury and exposure. The best way for them to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills is through safety training.

Whether you need a safety training program customized to your specific needs, or if you need a standard training addressing general industry issues, Africsafe Consulting is ready to meet your safety training requirements. Our safety training program ranges from basic awareness classes to OSHA compliance training.

Our safety training programs include:

Stay Safe with the Proper Training

Find out how you can benefit from our training services. Contact us at 202-702-6407 for service arrangements and other inquiries.