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Types of Safety Staffing

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We believe that every successful project is dependent on its overall safety. At Africsafe Consulting, we install safety nets on your project executions by providing quality-trained staff who are experienced in safety management. Whether you’re dealing with construction projects, maintenance works, or turnaround, we can meet your unique needs for the overall safety of your venture.

The different types of our safety staffing include the following:

  • Consultants for Project Safety
    We can provide you with consultants who will oversee the safety measures in your project for as long as necessary. We can even provide support for projects that are under routine maintenance or about to be shut down.
  • Temp to Hire
    If you’re looking for additional members to your safety staff but would want to ensure if they can work well with your team, we can also help you. We have safety consultants who are ready to be temporary members to give you sufficient time to decide if you can hire them for good.
  • Direct Placement
    If you’re looking for regular safety staff to fill your team, we can help you match with the right safety-trained professionals. We also have a recruiting team who can assist you in finding, evaluating, and hiring the right member for your safety group.

Do you have specific requirements for your safety staff? Feel free to consult with us at 202-702-6407 for more information.